Orange Coloured Rose Leaves (2018)

New album Orange Coloured Rose Leaves released on 1st of October!

The album OCRL is addictive and drags listeners into the universe of the main creativeduo, mixing melodies and colorful musical moods. Himalayan Dalai Lama retains their feelings from abstraction to minimalism. The result is a detailed picture that you want to look at over and over again to find the smallest details the painter has put into it.
Dan Hájek, musicserver.cz

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Francesca (Official Video)

Space (2016)

Despite the huge success of their show during the Czeching Showcase sessions in Czech Radio’s parking garages and clear indications of the jury’s opinion, Himalayan Dalai Lama did not envisage their victory. However, two weeks later, the band found themselves in a big recording studio surrounded by sound engineers, a music director and their own special guests – pianist Jiří Hradil of Tata Bojs, Jan Šikl of Zabelov Group who contributed to the string arrangements and Pišta Kráľovič alias FVLCRVM who took care of the mixing.

“We chose to include two tracks in progress, thus adding two new songs. We had a live string quartet, drums and piano in the studio which made an exciting experience. We paid great attention to post-production, with the assistance of Tomáš Karásek, who was also responsible for the mastering,” adds the Brno-based producer duo describing the EP’s recording sessions.

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Lama (2016)

The Himalayan Dalai Lama blends downtempo, trip hop, ambient and trap in a modern way, and instead of beat aggression, they serve a peaceful, idyllic mood that actually matches their name. They talk a lot about the Australian hitmaker Flume, names like Nosaj Thing or Mura Masa, Cashmere Cat, Baths or Teebs. But it does not make sense to play "sounds like" because Himalayan Dalai Lama are building their own vision of beat futurism. To jump in just one year from scratch to the top, one just does not see this everyday. With album LAMA, the electronic guru Himalayan Dalai Lama serves the first big home album in 2016.

Karel Veselý, Český Rozhlas

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